Do ants Damage the Yard?

7 May

Do ants Damage the Yard?

When it comes to ant control in the yard, this can be a serious problem. Lets first understand how can these small and tiny creatures damage your yard.

Yards enhance the look of your yard


The people who have yards would definitely like them to be maintained and be taken care of at all times. Most of these individuals would prefer perfect and well-manicured lawns or yards.

Acquiring these perfect and well-manicured lawns take time and effort and constant looking into and ensuring that there is ant control in the yard. Ants, in general, are not very damaging. On the other hand in small quantities, they can be beneficial to the yard, since they loosen up the soil and this, in turn, helps the plants in your yard grow. However, its when they increase in quantity there is a concern that needs to be addressed.


Ant Control In Yard


Ants often are mistaken for insects


However, before we discuss the topic of ant control in yard there is just one thing that needs to be clarified and that is that often ants in the yard are mistaken for termites or insects, which cause more damage to the yard than the ants.

So when we are talking about ant control in the yard, ensure that it is the ants that you have in your yard. Out of all the insects and bugs that can exist in the yard, ants are the least harmful. The ants don’t exist in the yard with the purpose of being able to devour your grass or plants; all they want to do is build colonies.

Start of the Problem


The problem starts when the number of ants in the yard increases and when the colonies have increased in size. This is the time that you need to start worrying about ant control in the yard. To build colonies, the ants will do a lot of digging. It is simply the more the number of ants, the greater is the digging and more is the dirt piles that you will see.

So how does this affect the yard? When the colonies grow or even when there are too many ant colonies, the ants tend to start making large dirt piles along with clearing pathways under your yard. Firstly this clearing of pathways affects the root system of the plant, which in turn damages them. At the end of the day, your yard could be an unruly sight instead of looking elegant and healthy.

Though not damaging ants can affect the aesthetic look of your yard. This is when ant control in yard needs to be implemented by the hiring of professionals.