Pool Maintenance and Lawn Care Services

TKE Pools and Spas is where you can find someone to take care of both your lawn and pool. We will make sure that your pool and lawn look pristine and fresh at any time and any season.

Try our services and we guarantee your pool will look new and fresh all year around.

Pool Maintenance Services

Does your pool’s maintenance not stay up to the mark despite your effort? Do you not find enough time to take care of the pool in your home?
Say goodbye to all your concerns. TKE Pools and Spas offers the best pool maintenance services at affordable prices. Here the features of our pool maintenance services.

  • 1.Complete removal of mold, algae and other natural growth, if present.
  • 2.Disinfecting and cleaning of the pool to keep it safe for swimming for adults as well as children.
  • 3.Repairing any defective pool equipment like pool pumps, pool filters, pool heaters, pool resurfacing, pool drainage, and, pool salt systems.
  • 4.Detailed beautification of the pool, including keeping your pool water looking pristine and blue.
  • 5.Maintenance of area around the pool like sidewalks, walls, plants, lawn, trimming of plants, etc.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Keeping your lawn beautiful requires getting our hands dirty and weekly maintenance. Are you looking for a reliable service to take care of your lawn?
Your worries end here. We’ll make sure your lawn looks lush green, fresh and full all year around at reasonable prices. Read on to know the features of our lawn maintenance services.

Regular trimming, mowing and removal of weed from your lawn.

Ensuring that your lawn is watered regularly.

Adding necessary fertilizers to make sure your lawn looks lush green and healthy all year.

Maintaining your outdoor landscape by regular trimming and beautification of plants and trees.

Treating your lawn and plants for any problems like plant diseases or pest infestations.

Cleaning off shed leaves and remains off your lawn regularly.

Trimming hedges, pruning trees, and trimming small plants to make them look in perfect shape.

What We Do

We are a lawn and pool maintenance service located in Florida with a team dedicated to giving professional services to residents living nearby. Our staff is experienced in lawn and pool maintenance and knows tricks and techniques that make them look royal and elegant. We pay great attention to detail to make sure every nook and corner of your lawn and pool look perfect.

With Our Service, You’ll Never Have to Worry about Your Lawn and Pool

Our technicians are professional and adaptable to your different needs to make sure you are always satisfied.